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Trimming Goliath, the largest horse at Oklahoma horseshoeing school


You have four different courses to choose from:

Basic Horseshoeing Course - $1,650.00 - 2 week course that provides a sound basic foundation of horseshoeing skills.

Professional Horseshoeing Course - $4,400.00 - 8 week course to develop you to the point where you feel comfortable practicing your craft for the public.

Advance Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing Course - $6,200.00 - 12 week course is the most complete course of horseshoeing study you will find anywhere, including cold shoeing, hot shoeing, hand made shoes(on the horse), corrective shoeing, floating teeth and pulling wolf teeth, and in general will prepare you to shoe for the most particular horseshoeing clients.

Continuing Education For OHS Grads - $600.00 - 1 Week Blocks - (54 hours/wk) - This course provides OHS graduates continued education in the field.

Free dormitory while enrolled in any course.

Student loans available to those who qualify.

Phone: 1.405.288.6085

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Farrier School and Professional Horseshoeing Classes

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