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Continuing education is available for all Oklahoma Horseshoeing School graduates. We will first evaluate where you are in your horseshoeing skills and then continue to improve from that point according to our lesson plan.

Example of corrective shoeing
LENGTH: Minimum of one week at a time
TUITION: $600.00 per week
CLASS DATES:A new group begin every Monday.
SCHEDULE: Monday through Saturday, 7:00 AM through 4:00 PM
Your dormitory room is free while you are a student at Oklahoma Horseshoeing School.


You will continue from your current skill level and develop as much as possible during the amount of time you are here.

REQUIRED SUPPLIES FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE: You probably already own most of the equipment you will need. You may choose to add to this or not according to the needs of the work you are doing in school. You can visit our store for any other tools that you may need. www.purcellfarriersupply.com

Student loans available to those who qualify.

Phone: 1.405.288.6085

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