The Professional Horseshoeing Course is designed to begin at the basic level and develop you to the point where you feel comfortable practicing your craft for the public and charging a fair price for your work.
Forge skills become more important as you acquire larger accounts with more horses; some of which will require handmade shoes to satisfy a customer. If a customer has ten horses and only two of them require more specialized skills, your ability to do that work gets you the whole account. If you can’t do the work, then you don’t get that account. As a professional farrier, you will want to work for larger accounts so that you can spend more time working and less time driving. Also, remember that more specialized work commands a higher fee.
Upon graduation from the Professional Horseshoeing Course, you will be competent to shoe almost any type of horse for whatever special requirements the horse may have with few limitations. At the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School this is considered to be entry level, full time professional horseshoeing.
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LENGTH: 8 weeks (432 hours of instruction)15% Classroom, 85% hands-on-work

CLASS DATES: 8 weeks (432 hours of instruction)15% Classroom, 85% hands-on-work


Lectures, Reading Assignments,and Demonstrations: (72 hours)
Anatomy: 14 Hours
Basic Anatomy – 5 Hours
  • Anatomy of the Hoof and Leg
  • Proper Angle of the Hoof
Basic Anatomy – 5 Hours
  • Bones and Joints
  • Tendons and Ligaments
  • Foot Biomechanics
  • Sensitive Structures
  • Hoof Structures
Theory of Specialty Shoeing: 14 Hours
Basic Specialty Shoeing – 14 Hours
  • Performance Horses-Western and English7
  • Draft Horses
  • Gaited and Walking Horses
  • Endurance Horses
  • Mules
Theory of Corrective Shoeing: 14 Hours
Basic Corrections for Traveling – 3 Hours
Corrective Shoeing with Review in Detail of – 11 Hours
  • Foot conformation types
  • Limb conformation types
  • The gaits of the horse
  • Correcting faults and gaits
Theory of Therapeutic Shoeing: 20 Hours
Basic Therapeutic Shoeing – 6 Hours
  • Lameness of the hoof and leg.
Advanced Therapeutic Shoeing with Review in Detail of – 6 Hours
  • Lameness of the foot
  • Lameness of the fore limb and hind limb
  • Hoof Repair with plastics
  • Leg braces
Intro to Forge Work: 1 Hour
How to Start and Run Your Own Business: 5 Hours
Determining a Horse’s Age: 4 Hours
Horseshoeing (360 Hours)
Intro to Forge Work and Basic Horseshoeing: 90 Hours
  • Shoeing and/or Trimming Every Day
  • Training Horses to Stand and be Shod.
  • Handcrafting from Raw Steel:
    • Fore Punch
    • Pritchel
    • Basic Front Shoe
    • Basic Hind Shoe
Hot Shoeing: 62 Hours
Shoeing with Handmade Shoes for Normal Horses: 58 Hours
Performance Horseshoeing with Hand Made Shoes: 50 Hours
Specialty Shoeing with Handmade Shoes: 50 Hours
Corrective Shoeing with Handmade Shoes: 50 Hours
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