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The Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing Course is the most complete course of horseshoeing study. You will receive twice the benefit of the Professional Horse- shoeing Course. From week one to week eight you will achieve the OHS Professional level. Once a Professional, you can increase your skill twice as far in weeks nine through twelve. This course will teach you everything you can learn in horseshoeing school.
In addition, you will learn the skills of the equine dental technician. You will learn to float teeth and extract wolf teeth. These are all skills that you can use to improve your earning per stop.
Shop tasks have been selected to provide each student with the skills needed to shoe a wide variety of horses. The student will complete handmade shoes using bar stock. The instructors are qualified to teach you all the forge skills you may need. If you need to stress a particular type of shoeing for your area, please bring this to the attention of your instructor. Upon graduation from the Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing Course, your skills, technique and efficiency will be refined to a level that will give you a competitive edge.

LENGTH: 12 weeks (648 hours of instruction) 15% Classroom, 85% hands-on-work

CLASS DATES: A new class begins every Monday throughout the year Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Lectures, Reading Assignments and Demonstrations: (108 hours)
  • Anatomy: 22 hours
Basic Anatomy – 5 Hours
  • Anatomy of the hoof and leg
  • Proper angle of the hoof
Anatomy with review in detail of – 9 Hours
  • Bones and Joints
  • Tendons and Ligaments
  • Foot Biomechanics
  • Sensitive Structures
  • Hoof Structure
Advanced Anatomy with Review – 8 Hours
Theory of Specialty Shoeing: 20 Hours
Basic Specialty Shoeing – 14 Hours
  • Performance Horses-Western and English
  • Draft Horses
  • Gaited and Walking Horses
  • Endurance Horse
  • Mules
Advanced Specialty Shoeing with Review – 6 Hours
Theory of Corrective Shoeing: 21 Hours
Basic Corrections for Traveling – 3 Hours
Corrective Shoeing with Review in Detail of – 11 Hours
  • Foot conformation types
  • Limb conformation types
  • The gaits of the Horse
  • Correcting faults and gaits
Advanced Corrective Shoeing with Review – 7 Hours
Theory of Therapeutic Shoeing: 20 Hours
Basic Therapeutic Shoeing – 6 Hours
  • Lameness of the hoof and leg
Advanced Therapeutic Shoeing with Review in Detail of – 14 Hours
  • Lameness of the foot
  • Lameness of the fore limb and hind limb
  • Hoof Reapir with plastics
  • Leg braces
Theory of Race Plating: 15 Hours
Basic Race Plating – 5 Hours
Advance Race Plating – 5 Hours
How to start and Run Your Own Business: 5 Hours
Determining a Horse’s Age: 5 Hours
Horseshoeing & Blacksmithing:(524 hours)
Intro to Forge Work and Basic Horseshoeing: 70 Hours
  • Shoeing and/or Trimming Every day
  • Training Horses to Stand and be Shod.
  • Handcrafting from Raw Steel:
    • Fore Punch
    • Pritchel
    • Basic Front Shoe
    • Basic Hind Shoe
Race Plating: 30 Hours
Equine Dental Technology: 16 Hours
  • Floating Teeth- 14 Hours
  • Extracting Wolf Teeth – 2
Hot Shoeing: 70 Hours
Shoeing with Handmade Shoes for Normal Horses: 65 Hours
Performance Horseshoeing with Hand Made Shoes: 5 Hours
  • Basic
  • Advanced
Specialty Shoeng with Handmade Shoes: 163 Hours
  • Advanced Specialty Techniques – 50 hours
  • Improving Speed and Efficiency at Shoeing All types of Horses with factory and Handmade shoes – 40 Hours
  • Shoeing with Handmade Shoes as Required to Pass Even the most Difficult of Parimutuel License Examinations – 35 Hours
  • Specific Skills needed to Pass the Certifcation Tests of the National Farrier’s Associations at the Apprentice II Level – 38
Corrective Shoeing with Handmade Shoes: 55 Hours
  • Basic
  • Advanced
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