Oklahoma Horseshoeing school has a 91% graduation rate for 2021 and 2022.


A certificate will be awarded to all students who have successfully completed the course in which he or she is enrolled. Graduation is the Saturday of the last week of your enrolled course.


Students who attend the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School usually plan to go into business for themselves after graduation. The horseshoeing courses teach you how to start and run your own business in such a manner that it is almost like following a cookbook.

Horse facilities worldwide, ranches, farms, veterinary clinics, riding stables and individual horse owners contact the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School looking for qualified professionals. As inquiries come in, we recommend our graduates for these jobs.


Our goal is to equip you with the skills you need in the ever-expanding equine industry. We put forth a lot of effort and hard work, and we expect our students to do the same. With a low ratio of students per instructor, we are absolutely focused on the quality of the work which you turn out on every job. Come prepared to work.

Graduates of the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School have ranged from 15 to 65 years of age, from doctors and nuclear physicists to people with no formal education at all. Instructors are extremely supportive when considering the special needs of the students. We provide a manual covering lecture material and all material is repeated twice. Cassette recorders are welcome. Interpreters may accompany students who are hearing impaired or do not speak English. Instructors are experienced in organizing classroom material so that it is meaningful to people with dyslexia and to people who cannot read or write. Exams may be taken orally and individually.

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