(Tuition Only)

The Oklahoma Horseshoeing School provides counseling for meeting educational cost. Please feel free to call the school’s Financial Assistance Department.

Available financial assistance:

Oklahoma Horseshoeing School Tuition Assistance Loans are loans funded by Oklahoma Horseshoeing School for individuals who have an excellent credit rating and a co-borrower (non-spouse family member) who has an excellent credit rating. These loans are applicable only for the Professional or Advanced (8 or 12 week) courses containing horseshoeing.

WIA (Workforce Investment Act) – was developed for certain unemployed or underemployed individuals. The WIA office may or may not be associated with your local unemployment office. These WIA funds are administered on a state by state basis. The rules will be different for each state. WIA offices tend to want to send students to school which are on their “Demand Occupation” list. Horseshoeing will probably not be on that list, BUT they WILL fund your education if you are persistent. Remember, those WIA funds are federal funds for YOU, and not for some perceived purpose of your local WIA office. You may have to show that there is a “demand” meaning that there are many horses and not enough Farriers in your area, but if you are persistent they may very well fund your education at Oklahoma Horseshoeing School.

Notice to Veterans- Any student wishing to attend using VA Benefits may do so. Learn more or apply for benefits at:

The Number for the VA Education Hotline is 888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).

Our Staff will be happy to help you with any questions. We can set you with a start date as soon as you have an approval letter. This institution will not penalize in any way a VA Beneficiary for delayed payment by the VA.

Vocational Rehabilitation – is a program developed for individuals who have injuries, physical handicaps or learning disabilities. To apply, contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

Bureau of Indian Affairs – The BIA is a program for Native Americans. However, each tribe has different levels of funding and each tribe has different policies. If they have money for education you can get it, but you may have to be persistent and work hard to extract the funding from the main tribal office. For more information contact your tribe.

Local Bank – Your local bank might be your best bet if none of the previous situations apply to you. Your local bank knows you best and you have been doing business there for a long time. They may have stricter requirements than other financial institutions, but they already know you and they can quickly determine if they will lend you the money or not.

ORO Grant – The ORO is an employment and training program funded by the National Farmworker Jobs Program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. This grant can only be offered to individuals employed in agricultural work. For more information on the qualifications please contact our school.

Scholarships Accepted

Title IV Funding: – Pell grants and Stafford student loans are not made available to any students attending horseshoeing school because horseshoeing school courses are not long enough in duration to satisfy Title IV funding requirements.

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